Since 2006 we have specialised in high quality semi-precious gemstone jewellery and this remains true to this day. We also hand pick stylish jewellery which reflects our love of both unusual and affordable glamour. We are stockists of Bazou, Liza Angel, Treaty, Joma, Biggie Best, Eliza Gracious and more.
Sixton London Madrid Cantaloupe Sock Box
Bazou Gold Three Stars Stud Earrings
Bazou Weaving Bracelet Turquoise/Mint/Cream
Bazou Creoles with Turquoise Donut Earrings
Bazou Satin Bracelet with Rings – Fuchsia
Bazou Steel Ring “Shell” – Gold
Bazou Elastic Bracelet with Open Heart – Fuchsia/Gold
Bazou Steel Ring “Sunrise” – Gold
Bazou Steel Ring with Zirconia Stone – Green
Bazou Steel Twisted Ring with Stone – Purple/Gold
Bazou Stainless Steel Fine Chain 'Fan' – Gold
Bazou Stainless Steel Fine Necklace with Decorated Charm
Bazou Finely Twisted Necklace Gold
Bazou Steel Chain Bracelet + Link and Hearts
Bazou Stainless Steel Creoles with Palm Tree Charm
Bazou Stainless Steel Ear Studs Open Star – Gold Colour
Bazou Stainless Steel Earring with Round Charm – Mint/Gold
Bazou Fine Earring with Resin Pendant – Gold/Mint
Bazou Stainless Steel Creoles with Decorated Charm
Bazou Stainless Steel Earrings with Natural Stone
Bazou Weaving Bracelet Mint/Fuchsia/Light Pink
Bazou Weaving Bracelet Orange/Gold
Bazou Macrame Bracelet with Gold Details – Fuchsia
Bazou Satin Bracelet with Au Revoir Charm - Red/Pink